Corona Virus Policy

In the face of the Global Coronavirus pandemic, we too have reacted to the ever-present threat and have put some measures in place to ensure the safety of our Staff and Clients.

  1. All consultations will be by appointment only. This particularly applies to our open afternoon surgery at Quarry House. Any client arriving without an appointment who cannot be seen immediately will be given an appointment and requested to return at that time. If necessary, the client and patient(s) can remain in their vehicle in the meantime.
  2. Consultaltions have been reduced to 4 an hour in place of 6. This is to allow 5 minutes to process the consultation between clients so that we can separate clients from each other and clean contact surfaces in between.
  3. At Quarry House we have 3 separate waiting bays and can therefore accommodate 3 clients at the same time. We also have a large adjacent parking area where clients can remain inside their vehicles until called in to the Practice.
  4. For post-op checks and some procedures, your pet may be taken into another room for examination to reduce exposure time between you and us.
  5. Hand sanitiser will be dispensed directly onto every client’s hands on arrival. Please advise us beforehand if you have any sensitivities to these products.
  6. Some clients may prefer consultations and checks over the phone. We will do our best to accommodate this and certainly video-chat or picture-messaging can be helpful, but this will be at the client’s liability. We will not dispense any medications as a result of this interaction and will not commit to making a firm diagnosis or make treatment recommendations other than general advice.
  7. We would prefer to not be given cash and request that payment is made by credit or debit card.
  8. We will not be offering house calls except in extreme circumstances. Clients without transport or in self-isolation will need to arrange for a third party to transport the patient to and from the surgery. If requested, our Staff can carry this out using our Ambulance, but this will entail a significant extra charge and will depend on Staff availability and agreement at the time.
  9. Repeat medications can be requested to be sent via the postal service. There will be a minimum charge of £4.00 plus VAT for this service and the items will be sent out “signed for”, so will require the recipient to be present at the time of delivery.

Please help us to keep us all safe and comply with these protocols. We currently have 2 Staff members on 14-day self-isolation, but due to the ban on testing have no idea whether or not the Coronavirus is involved.

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